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Multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MAO)


The performance evaluation and design of complex engineering systems, such as ships and offshore structures, require multidisciplinary analysis and optimization methods. The use of interconnected discipline solvers must be managed during the analysis and design optimization process and a trade-off among several multidisciplinary objectives must be carefully considered. The design of innovative products operating in real-life conditions requires the application of high-fidelity solvers along with global optimization procedures and uncertainty quantification methods for uncertain operating/environmental conditions. To make the multidisciplinary analysis and optimization process accurate and at the same time affordable, advanced multidisciplinary architectures and methodologies must be developed and assessed.

The research group is committed to develop, implement, and provide design and analysis methods to serve and support next-decade industry in the development of innovative and technologically advanced products. Our main areas of application are marine and ocean engineering, ship and hydrostructural design. Our research activities cover the following topics: simulation-based design optimization in ship hydrodynamics; fluid-structure interaction and multidisciplinary design optimization; uncertainty quantification and reliability-based robust design optimization; design space dimensionality reduction in shape optimization; dynamic metamodeling and machine learning methods; global derivative-free bio-inspired optimization algorithms.


Research Scientists and Engineers
Matteo Diez, Senior Research Scientist,
Andrea Serani, Research Scientist,
Riccardo Pellegrini, Research Scientist,
Giorgio Palma, Research Scientist,
Riccardo Broglia, Senior Research Scientist,
Cecilia Leotardi, Research Engineer,
Elena Paifelman, Research Scientist,
Research Fellows
Paolo Dragone, Research Fellow,
Isabella Vulpio, PhD Student,
Damiano Squillace, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2023)
Simone Ficini, PhD Student (Rome Tre University, 2022)
Danny D’Agostino, PhD Student (Sapienza University of Rome, 2022)
Paolo Dragone, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2021)
Isabella Vulpio, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2021)
Elia D’Orazio, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2021)
Christian Milano, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2021)
Alexander Schneider, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2021)
Shahroz Khan, PhD Student (University of Strathclyde, 2020)
Luca Antognoli, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2019)
Luca Montagliani, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2019)
Simone Ficini, MSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2019)
Danny D’Agostino, MSc Student (Sapienza University, 2017)
Nicola D’Ascenzio, BSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2017)
Lorenzo Lombardi, BSc Student (Roma Tre University, 2014)
Giuseppe Pisciotta, MSc Student (Sapienza University of Rome, 2013)

Selected publications