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Riccardo Pellegrini

Contact information

Position Research Scientist
Phone +39 06 50299 342
OfficeRome HQ
AddressVia di Vallerano 139, 00128 Rome, Italy
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Short biography

Dr. Riccardo Pellegrini is a Research Scientist at CNR-INM, National Research Council of Italy-Institute of Marine Engineering. He achieved his master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Roma Tre University in 2014. He achieved his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the same university in 2017, with a thesis on the development of global multi-objective optimization algorithms and multi-fidelity adaptive metamodels for simulation-based design optimization. The Ph.D. was carried out under a scholarship from CNR-INM (formerly CNR-INSEAN). He has spent significant time abroad, visiting UK (as research fellow at Bath University); Germany (as intern at Friendship Systems in Potsdam); and the Iowa University (as visiting post-doc research fellow). His current research interests are in multi-fidelity metamodeling, multidisciplinary optimization, uncertainty quantification, and fluid-structure interaction.

Research interests

Simulation-based design
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Uncertainty quantification
Multi-disciplinary, multi-objective optimization
Adaptive, multi-fidelity metamodeling

Research topics/groups

Multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MAO)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Selected projects

Selected publications

  • Serani, A., Pellegrini, R., Wackers, J., Jeanson, C. E., Queutey, P., Visonneau, M., & Diez, M. (2019). Adaptive multi-fidelity sampling for CFD-based optimisation via radial basis function metamodels. International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics33(6-7), 237-255.
  • Pellegrini, R., Wackers, J., Serani, A., Visonneau, M., & Diez, M. (2021, June). Towards automatic parameter selection for multi-fidelity surrogate-based optimization. In 9th Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (Marine 2021).
  • Pellegrini, R., Serani, A., Leotardi, C., Iemma, U., Campana, E. F., & Diez, M. (2017). Formulation and parameter selection of multi-objective deterministic particle swarm for simulation-based optimization. Applied Soft Computing58, 714-731.
  • Campana, E. F., Diez, M., Liuzzi, G., Lucidi, S., Pellegrini, R., Piccialli, V., … & Serani, A. (2018). A multi-objective DIRECT algorithm for ship hull optimization. Computational optimization and applications71(1), 53-72.
  • Pellegrini, R., Campana, E. F., Diez, M., Serani, A., Rinaldi, F., Fasano, G., … & Stern, F. (2014). Application of derivative-free multi-objective algorithms to reliability-based robust design optimization of a high-speed catamaran in real ocean environment. Engineering Optimization, 15.