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Enrico De Bernardis

Contact information

Position Senior Research Scientist
Phone +39 06 50299 328
OfficeRome HQ
AddressVia di Vallerano 139, 00128 Rome, Italy
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Short biography

In 1988, during the PhD Program in Applied Mechanics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he is appointed as visiting scholar at NASA Langley Research Center, where he cooperates with Feri Farassat on topics in aerodynamic noise. In 1989 he moves to CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center), as the Head of Aeroacoustics Branch, and is the focal point for several projects on helicopter noise funded under different EU RTD Framework Programmes. In 1997 he moves to INSEAN (Italian Marine Technology Research Institute) where he will hold, among other offices, the role of director of Vibrations and Noise Division (2004-2010), while managing several EU and national research projects, through the successive transitions to CNR-INSEAN and CNR-INM.

Research interests

Starting with a main expertise in aerodynamic noise from aircraft propeller and helicopter rotor, he moved to the development of similar formulations to investigate underwater noise from ship propulsion systems. In this field he has been working, over the last few years, on fundamental issues in bubble dynamics and cavitation.

Research topics/groups

Underwater noise

Selected projects

An alliance to enhance the maritime testing infrastructure in the EU: Hydro-Testing Alliance (HTA)
A Network of Excellence, funded by the European Union within the Sixth RTD Framework Programme, aimed at developing a formal and lasting structure to co-ordinate the definition and introduction of novel measurement, observation and analysis technologies for hydrodynamic (scale) model testing environments. It eventually resulted in the establishment of the Hydro Testing Forum. Period: 2006-2011.

Aero-acoustic simulation and evaluation of the wake interference in the generation of noise from the Piaggio P180 aircraft (VITAS – OR4)
Carried out under the PON Ricerca 2000-2006, co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund to evaluate the effect of the incident flow on noise generation from the propeller and compare the acoustic behavior of two new propellers. Period: 2003-2004.

Wing assisted hydrofoil enabling technologies, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics (SEABUS-HYDAER)
Funded by the European Union within the Fourth RTD Framework Programme to develop enabling technologies in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, propulsion, high speed testing, obstacle detection systems, for the design of a new concept marine vehicle. Period: 1997-2001.

Selected publications