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Antonella Ragusa

Contact information

Position Research Scientist
Address Via di Vallerano, 139, 00128 Rome, Italy
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Short biography

Antonella Ragusa received the degree in Electrical Engineering with honours from the University of Palermo in 2001; in 2006 at the same University, she received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering developing her research activity within the group of Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Palermo, within the Institute on Intelligent System for Automation (ISSIA), now Institute of Marine Engineering (INM) of the National Research Council (CNR) and within the ELASIS-FIAT.

From the November 2006 to December 2007 she worked as consultant at FIAT GROUP AUTOMOBILES (Turin) within the group of Engineering & Design on topics related to Virtual Analysis of Body Electronics.

Since January 2008 she has been a permanent researcher at the Institute of Marine Engineering (INM), of CNR.

She was a Marie Curie Research Fellow (MSCA-IF) at De Montfort University of Leicester, United Kingdom, in 2019-2021, developing the project “Electromagnetic Time Reversal for on-line Partial Discharge Location in Transmission and Distribution Networks – emiT”. The research activity was developed in collaboration with The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, and HVPD ltd. in Manchester, UK.

From December 2021 to March 2022, she worked as Senior Power Electronics Engineer at Third Equation ltd. in Edinburgh Scotland, UK.
She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
She is a senior member of IEEE.
She is a member of IEEE EMC Society Technical Committee TC7 – “Low Frequency EMC” and of the CIGRE WG C4.68 – “EMC issues in modern and future power systems”.
She serves as reviewer for international conferences and journals.

Research interests

Her main research activity is focused on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), computational electromagnetics and numerical modelling (TLM method), power systems reliability and resilience, Partial Discharge, electromagnetic time reversal (EMTR).

Research topics/groups

Electromgnetic Time Reversal, Electromagnetic Compatibility and resilience of power systems

Selected projects

Project title
EMTR and EMC Issues

Selected publications

[9] A. Ragusa, P. A. A. F. Wouters, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, “The Effect of the Ring Mains Units for On-line Partial Discharge Location with Time Reversal in Medium Voltage Networks”, IEEE Access, 22 March 2022.

[8] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, “On-Line Partial Discharge Localization in Power Cables Based on Electromagnetic Time Reversal Theory – Numerical Validation”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery 11 October 2021.

[7] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, M. Rubinstein – “Application to Real Power Networks of a Method to Locate Partial Discharges Based on Electromagnetic Time Reversal”, IEEE Trans. on Power Delivery 24 September 2021.

[6] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, “Electromagnetic Time Reversal to Locate Partial Discharges in Power Networks with Inhomogeneous cables using the Transmission Line Matrix Method”- CIGRE Science and Engineering Journal, June 2021

[5] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, F. Rachidi, M. Rubinstein – “Electromagnetic Time Reversal Method to Locate Partial Discharges in Power Networks using 1D TLM modelling” – IEEE Letters on EMC Practice and Applications, Vol. 3, Issue 1, March 2021.

[4] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy, “Towards Modeling Partial Discharge Phenomena and Propagation in Power Networks using the Transmission Line Matrix method”, Energies 2021, 14(3), 689; 29 Jan. 2021.

[3] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy – “3D Model of Partial Discharge in Defects with Different Sizes and Positions inside Cables for Power Distribution and Transmission Networks”– IET science, measurement & technology, 11/2020, Volume 14, Issue 9.

[2] A. Cataliotti, C. Cervellera, V. Cosentino, D. Di Cara, M. Gaggero, D. Macciò, G. Marsala, A. Ragusa, G. Tinè – “An Improved Load Flow Method for MV Networks Based on LV Load Measurements and Estimations” – IEEE Trans on Instr. & Meas., Vol. PP, Issue. 99, July 2018.

[1] A. Cataliotti, D. Di Cara, G. Marsala, A. Pecoraro, A. Ragusa, G. Tinè – “High Frequency Experimental Characterization and Modeling of six Pack IGBTs Power Modules” IEEE Trans. on Ind. Electr., Vol. 63, no. 11, Nov. 2016,

Invitation to Conferences:

[3] A. Ragusa, A. Duffy – “Partial discharge location with time reversal for the improvement of power transmission and distribution networks’ reliability” – Tutorial session: Low-frequency EMC in the power grid and transportation systems at the IEEE Int. Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Sep. 5-8, 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden.

[2] A. Ragusa– “Modelling of Power Converters as Sources of Emi in Modern Power Networks” – Tutorial sessions: “Low-Frequency EMI and Modelling of Conducted Interference in Systems with Multiple Converters” at the 2022 IEEE Int. Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal & Power Integrity, which will be held on August 1-5 in Spokane, Washington, USA.

[1] A. Ragusa, H. Sasse, A. Duffy – “Practical Evaluation of Electromagnetic Time Reversal to Locate Partial Discharges in the Presence of Noise”- 2022 IEEE Int. Symposium on EMC+SIPI, August 1-5, 2022, Spokane, USA.