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Umberto Pugliese towing tank


The Umberto Pugliese towing tank is one of the largest worldwide. It is 470 m long, 13.5 m wide and has a depth of 6.5 m. It is equipped with a towing carriage that can achieve a maximum speed of 15 m/s. The towing tanks have many applications, mainly concerning resistance and propulsion tests for performance evaluation of proposed design. The size of towing tank no. 1 offers excellent capabilities for the investigation of large, self-propelled models of high-speed vessels (mono- or multi-hull, semi-planing and planing craft, etc.). Equipment and methodologies for testing submarines and sail boats are available. Various unconventional marine vehicles are also designed and tested. Tests performed include:
– Resistance and self propulsion in calm water
– 3-D wake surveys
– Vertical and horizontal planar motion experiments
– Resistance, self propulsion and hydrodynamic forces on submerged bodies
– Resistance, self propulsion tests for high speed marine vehicles
– Upright, yawed and heeled sailing yacht tests
– Tidal and current turbine tests

Main characteristics

Length 470 m
Breadth13.5 m
Depth 6.5 m
Description of carriage Motor driven, manual control and automatic, manned
Drive system and power Electric drive system with 4 pairs of drive wheels, each pair coupled to a DC main motor via a reduction gear. Electric main motors (92 kW × 4), electric secondary motors (5.5 kW × 2)
Maximum carriage speed 15.0 m/s (accuracy 1 mm/s)
Other capabilitiesThe carriage supports the set up of the 6-component balance for submerged bodies or the Planar Motion Mechanism (PMM) for surface ships and submarines tests up to 5 m/s
InstrumentationForce balance dynamometers; model propeller transmission dynamometers; Pitot tube rakes and five-hole Pitot tube for wake surveys; special test rig for sailing yacht tests; 6-component balance and model propeller transmission dynamometers for manoeuvring tests (PMM); three-components SPIV, t;wo-components LDV measurement systems
Model size rangeMarine vehicles length: 1.5 m÷8.0 m; turbines diameter: up to 1.5 m
Displacement ship test
High speed marine vehicle test
Tidal turbine test

Contact information

Scientific point of contact Massimo Falchi
+39 0650299 332
Technical point of contact Andrea Mancini
+39 06 50299 223


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