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Structural dynamics and diagnostics laboratory


The Structural dynamics & diagnostics laboratory is aimed to investigate static and dynamic structural responses and identification.

Main characteristics

The structural dynamics & diagnostics laboratory is located at the basement of the technical facility. The same building houses other laboratories (electrical lab, metrology lab, mechanical shop, woodworking shop) and it is nearby the towing tanks.
The laboratory is accessible both from the inside of the building via a service elevator and the outside via a sliding doorway which allows the entrance of big sized models.

The laboratory is equipped with a sliding crane holding a chain hoist. There is also a T slot aluminium profile frame (LxWxH 4.0×1.7×2.2m) which is used to hang models with soft springs for modal analysis or to support string potentiometers and laser distance meters during static load testing.
The laboratory comprehends a technical area and a mezzanine office

The main activities performed in the laboratory are:

  • Static load testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Modal identification of structures
  • Structural health monitoring

The technical area is equipped with:

  • Sliding crane with chain hoist
  • Aluminium frame (LxWxH 5.0×1.7×2.2m) for model suspension or static loading testing
  • Workbench with vice
  • Compressed air hose reel
  • Mechanic tool sets

The experimental activity of the laboratory is performed using the following tools:


  • Siemens Test.LAB & Test.Xpress software


  • LMS SCADAS Mobile SCM05 – 24 channel acquisition system
  • LMS SCADAS Mobile SCM01 – 8 channel acquisition syste
  • Modal exciter 440N with optional air cooling (Modal shop 2100E11
  • QSC ISA 750 power amplifie
  • Monoaxial ICP accelerometers
  • Triaxial ICP accelerometers
  • Hammer for modal testing

Contact information

Scientific point of contact Daniele Dessi
+39 06 50299 254
Technical point of contact Edoardo Faiella
+39 06 50299 269


Rome HQVia di Vallerano 139, 00128, Rome, Italy