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Sloshing laboratory


Sloshing Lab is an INM reserach laboratory, built to perform dedicated experimental activities on the sloshing flows in a LNG ship tank and water entry and exit of 2D ship sections.
The lab consists of two facilities: 
– a six degree of freedom mechanical system Hexapode for sloshing experiments of 2D and 3D tanks. The platform can support a maximum payload of 1 ton. The maximum amplitude of motion is 47 cm for the translational DOFs and 45 degrees for the rotational ones. The maximum frequency of the oscillatory motion is about 2 Hz (with maxi- mum amplitudes of 4 cm and 4 degrees). The platform has been designed to perform PIV measurements in a reference system fixed to the moving tank. A suitable system with vacuum pump and pressure regulators is available to realize depressurized conditions in the tank;
– a 2D water-entry and exit facility. It is used for the experimental research activity on water-entry/exit of 2D ship-like sections. The maximum water depth is 1.2 m and the velocity of the body at the instant of the impact can vary between 0.3 m/s and 4 m/s.
Sloshing lab
Spilling breaker phenomenon: mean velocity field
Hydroelastic study: wave impact phenomena in variable ullage pressure

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Scientific point of contact Claudio Lugni
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Technical point of contact Roberto Zagaglia
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