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Emilio Castagneto seakeeping tank


The Emilio Castagneto seakeeping tank is 220 m long, 9 m wide and has a depth of 3.8 m . It is equipped with a single-flap wave generator, that provides regular as well as irregular waves for the investigation of seakeeping characteristics and ride comfort. Tests performed include:
– Resistance and self propulsion in waves
– 3-D wake surveys
– Open water propeller characterisation
– Seakeeping and propulsion evaluation in head and following waves
– Hydrodynamic forces on profiles, especially of rudders and medium and large sized ship models
– Mooring tests
– Wave energy converter tests
– Offshore wind device tests

Main characteristics

Length 220 m
Breadth9 m
Depth 3.8 m
Description of carriage motor driven, manual control and automatic, manned
Drive system and power Electric drive system with 8 drive wheels, each coupled to a DC main motor via a reduction gear, and 2 pairs of horizontal guide wheels (only on one rail). Electric main motors (57 kW × 8)
Maximum carriage speed
10.0 m/s (accuracy ±0.15 %) 
Wave generation capability Regular waves from 1 to 10 m in length, with corresponding height of 100 to 450 mm (slope 1°÷9°); irregular waves according to any desired sea spectrum condition in appropriate scale
Wavemaker type and extent One-side flap-type, 9 m wide, electro-hydraulically powered with 3 pumps of 38.5 kW total power, controlled by a 100 harmonic components electronic programming device, each harmonic modulated both in amplitude and frequency
Beach type and length2 crossed layers of square tubular 70 × 70 mm equally spaced, with movable central part for model transit
Wind generation capabilityFor mooring tests an additional structure, carrying wind generators, can be added on the beach of the carriage and oriented on the horizontal plane; air blowing generation system, of 2 rows with 6 fans each, capable of a continuous variation of speed (from 0 to 20 m/s), direction (0°±20°) and vertical gradient
Other capabilities The carriage supports the set up of the 6-component balance for submerged bodies or the Planar Motion Mechanism (PMM) for surface ships and submarines tests up to 5 m/s
InstrumentationForce balance dynamometers; model propeller transmission dynamometers; 5-holes Pitot tube rakes for wake surveys; 1 to 6-component balance for rudders and ship models tests; fully submerged propeller dynamometer (thrust range = ± 400 N, torque range = ± 15 Nm, speed range = 60 to 3000, rpm motor power 5 kW, right and left hand rotation, inclined operation up to ±15° in vertical plane) for open water characterisation of propellers in axial or inclined flow; 3-D optical system and inertial platform for measuring ship model motions in waves; three-components SPIV, t;wo-components LDV measurement systems
Model size rangeMarine vehicles length: 1.5 m÷8.0 m; turbines diameter: up to 1.5 m
Seakeeping test
Extreme motion test
Offshore wind device test

Contact information

Scientific point of contact Luigi Fabbri
+39 06 50299 237
Technical point of contact Massimo Palini
+39 06 50299 233


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