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Workshop IEEE – ICRA 2019

Enrica Zereik, Ph.D., Researcher at INM Genova, is a component of the Organizing Committee for the workshop on Underwater Robotics Perception, to be held in Montreal, Quebec, May 24th, 2019.

Recently, there has been rapid progress in the development of Unmanned Underwater (UUVs) and Remote Operating Vehicles (ROVs), and marine robotics is expected to have a tremendous impact in the coming years not only in ocean exploration but also exploitation. The capability to perceive the working unstructured and dynamic environment is an essential step towards the development of effective and reliable robotic systems, able to work autonomously and react to external events. Numerous challenges arise while pursuing such objectives in underwater scenarios; contrary to its industrial counterpart, the environment cannot be controlled or tailored to suit an automation task i.e., lighting, object poses, etc.

For these reasons, this workshop aims to provide a broad and extremely interesting overview of the best practices to enable robust perception in underwater robots. Keynote talks from researchers and industry partners, with ample hands-on and field experience, will generate new ideas, collaborations and research interests.

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