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Riccardo Pellegrini: Hull-form optimization via hybrid global/local multi-objective derivative-free algorithms

When and where

Wednesday 13 March 2019, 14.30, Sala Consiglio, INM Headquarters Rome


The development and application of hybrid global/local multi-objective derivative-free algorithms are presented, for hull-form optimization in ship hydrodynamics. One well-established derivative-free global algorithm, namely particle swarm optimization (PSO), is extended to multi-objective problems and combined with derivative-free multi-objective (local) linesearch methods. A systematic assessment of the algorithms’ performance is carried out based on the hyper volume metrics and used to investigate the global/local hybridization strategy and the tuning parameters involved. Benchmark problems include analytical test cases and the hull-form optimization of a small-waterplane area twin hull (SWATH), performed with the aim of reducing the resistance and increase the payload. Hybrid extensions of PSO provide wider Pareto fronts than his global counterpart and is shown to be a viable option for multi-objective hydrodynamic optimization.


Riccardo Pellegrini è un assegnista di ricerca dell’INM che si occupa di ottimizzazione di forma basata su simulazioni al calcolatore.