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A framework for FAIR robotic datasets

Nature Scientific Data published the paper ( “A framework for FAIR robotic datasets” by Corrado Motta, Simona Aracri, Roberta Ferretti, Marco Bibuli, Gabriele Bruzzone, Massimo Caccia, Angelo Odetti, Fausto Ferreira, Francesca de Pascalis. The paper outlines fundamental  aspects of FAIR data management in mariner robotics. Data are vital to advance the understanding of our ocean. Emerging marine robots work in the operational gap left by commercial devices, hence …

Workshop: OpenFOAM – from fundamentals to post-processing

We are pleased to announce that the Institute of Marine Engineering (INM) is hosting a group of workshops dedicated to OpenFOAM. The Workshops are opened to a wide audience of researchers, as addressing OpenFOAM features from fundamentals to post-processing. Specifically, the Workshops will provide a step-by-step guide for simulating realistic turbomachinery flows, with a swept …